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Beijing Teny Electric Heating & Energy Saving EquipmentCo. Ltd is an USA company registered in China and foreigners owned Chineseenterprises.It is responsible for the promotion, sales and production of commercial and residential smart far infrared silicon heating system. Teny energy-saving products save energy more than 30-50% comparing with other heating equipments. it has no noise, no drying, good for health, is convenient for use, simple installation, space saving and environmental protection, no maintenance. It is also can be intelligent controlled. In addition, Teny products can be used in the many applications such as hospital, school, commercial office, drying paint room, and yogagym. Teny products can generate 8-13um long infrared heat, that is good for the human health.

As people gradually deepened the understanding of the importance of energy-saving and environmental protection, the Nationa l Committee USA Department of Energy and American Builders Association dedicated to the far infrared radiant heating panels and other fuel, gas or electric heating products were monitored several heating period in the test facilities.By comparing testing results, they think the far infrared radiant heating pane lis energy saving and environmental protection product and worthy of promotion.Then, USA Power Energy Organization awarded the product as the highest award of national energy saving products. In 2000,the product was listed onthe United States Building Materials Magazine as top 100 ranked:the most popular building materials. The products,isalso the only electric heating equipmen tselected,and received strongly recommendation by the United States Department of Energy and the United Nations Energy Organizations strongly recommended. In 2001US Teny sets up manufacturing facility in Beijing,in 2003 Teny product is elected as only quality tracking infrared heating product by the National Infrared Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of PRC State Administration of Quality and Supervision.Teny Sunshine energy-saving infrared silicon radiant heating system has received favorable criticismfrom cold-weather regionsuch as the northeast, Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia and get the user's consistent high praise by its comfort and energy saving. At the same time, Teny Sunshine radiant heating system is also widely used in the major projects of the National Power grid and China Telecom, has established a good reputation.