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Teny infrared heating ceiling panel is a solid state heating radiation plate, the heating element can be in PTCelectro thermal for high temperature or high strength and high temperature resistance heater. Thereverse of the heating panel is covered by the high density fiber glass board, the front coated with granular infrared radiation materials, aluminum alloy frame assembles whole plate firmly. The product converts electrical energy into 99% thermal heat on front surface of panel, coated infrared material converts the heat into high efficient thermal radiation output. Just like the Sun, power density of the product is for 500-700 watts /square meter. You can use a 220/110volt AC or DC power supply. The surface temperature of the heating panel is around 70-100°C.

Now let us introduce a new heating method, "Teny Sunshine heating". Relative to the floor heating, heat pump, air conditioning and hot water plumbing, it is one kind does not occupying room space, our products will be installed on ceiling of the house. To determine the number of the panels or power density will be installed, it depends on size of room and the environment of region, ambient temperature. Usually installed area occupies the roof area 10-15%. The radiant heating panel is very light in weight, each about 2-14kg depending on product's model. The thickness of the panel is 2.5 cm. The thickness of ultra thin product is only 2 cm. Customized design is available for special requirements.