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Product Feature

(1) Energy saving

The infrared radiant heater uses less 52% energy than traditional resistance electric heater and oil heater, 30% ernergy saving than air-type conducting heating, gas water boiler.

(2) Fast heating reaction

Rapid response, so that the room temperature rises rapidly to comfort, it has a warming benefit that reserves an extra 3 to 4 degrees in heating stock. Easy for the entire residents to adjust the temperature, heating can be cut off without man's hand.

(3) Higher efficiency

Because there is no noise, no hot air blowing, no maintenace, automatic control method, and internet/WiFi remote control.

(4) Good economic returns

There is no moving parts, it can be easily istalled on the ceiling. With low current, the energy consumption is reduced by 30% to 50%. Because of the installation of power load is small, no need of additional peripheral power equipment investment. Because it has light weight, does not occupy space, reducing the total investment in infrastructure and construction, Users and investors both sides benefit from it.

(5) Environmental protection

No coal gas pollution.

(6) Safe and comfortable

No dry feeling, no noise, small temperature gradient; damp proof,waterproof, flame retardant; easy to install, no building structural damage caused by quality of life destroyed. It can be cleaned and does not exist water leakage, and other fatal hidden trouble. There is no need for maintenance. Far infrared radiation of 8-13 micron is very useful for human health.

(7) Intelligent control

By using artificial intelligent temperature control system, it is not only can adjust the temperature, saving time, accessing to electricity consumption, it can also remote control of the heating system through the internet accessing, so that energy-saving behavior becomes immediately possible according to the need of user, which greatly facilitates the commuters and travelers.