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First of all, to start the Teny radiant heating system by adjusting the temperature of the thermostat. If indoor air temperature is greater than the thermostat setting temperature, circuit breakers in the closed state, the system does not work. Once the air temperature below the setting temperature, the system immediately into the automatic working state.

When the Season Just enter the heating period in winter, because indoor and outdoortemperature difference is large, the system requires a 12-24 hours o f heating process, so that the heat of wall would reach the dynamic balance. How long   the process of the heating would take depends on the indoor and outdoor temperature difference and the building's insulation condition. With the same temperature difference, the bulding   using of heat preservation material does not need a longer heating time. Therefore, suggested that the users should well seal their houses, all doors and windows before installation.

After the wall reaching heating dynamic balance, indoor air temperature will rise rapidly. Once the air temperature and the thermostat setting temperature to achieve consistently, the system enters shutdown energy-saving state. For a well insulated energy reserved duilding, when the outdoor temperature is in 10 degrees below zero, setting the indoor temperature of 18 degrees, the daily working time should be within 6-10 hours. It all depends on the insulation condition, ambient temperature,   setting temperature, the use ofbuildings, and the use of behavior.

During the application, please remember not turnning on and off many time in order to save energy. In no use or short-term idle, it shall make a building to keep a proper maintenance (duty)temperature. If it is left unused for a long perid of time, in order to make the water supply pipeline being unfrozen, it must make the indoor environment is maintained at 5 degrees C or above. If no one at home is short-term, it should be maintained at 10 degrees C above. Usually the difference of maintain temperature and the setting temperatureshould be controlled in the range of 4-8 degrees C. This difference will affect the rate of temperature and the effect of energy saving. Don't mistakenly believe that the difference gets bigger and you would save more energy, this difference is large enough, the wall heat to reach   the process of dynamic balance will take longer, energy consumption is larger.