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Installation Requirements

1. Installation position: the back of infared heating panel and roof / ceiling must be in parallel. The panel can be installed in the central room, or in a distance 20-30 cm from the window. It can also be placed on the juction between roof wall, which forms an angle of 20-35 degrees with the wall. If you choose a plurality of small size panels, total installated energy output can be dispersed symmetrically on the roof. Do not hanging the productson the wall, that would affect the efficency of the radiant heat.

2. Power allocation: The Electric heating system must use a separate power supply circuit, which is separated from the lighting circuit. The design shall ensure that the general power supply system can provide enough power, the use of qualified insulation casing will supply line embedded in the building body. It is not good idea to use the series power connection from room to room, and the selection of wire capacity must be 1.5 to 2 times the load current. Supply voltage should be within the scope of work of the 220 V +- 5%.

3. Temperature control device: temperature control device should be installed 1.5 meter high from the ground, away from the doors and windows and cold and heat source on the wall. The selected 1.2 times the load current of the thermostat should be greater than or equal to the total heating panels rated working current in a room. When the total power installation of indoor radint heating panel is greater than the selected temperature controller, you should increase the the number of thermostats. The bathroom with large water vapor, temperature probe through the wall should be installed, the thermostat is installed outside the bathroom, that is, the use of temperature controller with a temperature probe.

4. Installation methods: use screws directly mounting the product on the ceiling, wall or lifting device.

5. Note: it is strictly prohibited to use any object blocking on the surface of the heating panel. Thermal radiation must be installed in the position that is away from contact of children.