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Remote Control Device

RT8000 household centralized remote controller is designed for heat distribution management in a short range (such as in a small building with the various rooms).

Unique features of RT8000 controller

We can control RT8000 through the mobile phone, Ipad or other Internet computer terminal if WiFi or wireless signal is available.

The maximum hot spots which we can mange is 32, that means we can control up to 32 thermostats each with varies settings at the same time.

It can store the operation 180-day records for each thermostat, such as temperature changing curve, heating and fault information.

It has a load allocation function that can automatically set the booting priority for all thermostats, intelligent allocation of each thermostat start time if the total power supply is not enough.

It uses a 7 inch large screen color LCD display, with full Chinese/English display, the graphical touch screen interface, the operation state of each of the thermostat can be read at a glance.

The touch directly on the LCD panel operation, intuitive and convenient;

It is equipped with two RS485 connecting terminals, the thermostats can be in parallel connections.

It is equipped with a RS485 interface connected to the host computer, can access SR2000 the heating management system.

Main parameters of RT8000 controller

The dimension: 220mm (width) * 120mm (high) * 40MM (thickness)

Input voltage: 220VAC/DC12V (with a AC to DC adeptor)

Power consumption: <5W

The communication interface: RS485 group of two connected with the thermostat, a group of RS485 is connected to the PC.

Communication: wirelss GMS slim card (large) from China mobil. Special twisted shielded communication wire/cable is required for RS485 connections.

The auxiliary thermostat: with A5001 thermostat, 5 working modes, 48 hours time setting, programmable function, as shown below:

Thermostat 5001

RT8000 system schematic